Compatibility between PowerPoint 2003 with old vesion PowerPoint?


There is no compatibility problem basically:
  • If the powerpoint is done under Microsoft PowerPoint 95、PowerPoint 97、PowerPoint 2000 or PowerPoint 2002 environment, you still use Office PowerPoint 2003 to open that powerpoint file.
  • If you use the old version PowerPoint to save Office PowerPoint 2003 powerpoint file, you may lose some functions of Office PowerPoint 2003.
  • Office PowerPoint 2003 supports those all powerpoint file format and information under PowerPoint 95 environment. But if you need to open PowerPoint 95 powerpoint file under Office PowerPoint 2003 envirnonment, you must use PowerPoint 95 format to save as Office PowerPoint 2003 powerpoint file. If using the edit user of the PowerPoint 95 to save that powerpoint file, it will lose the specific function under Office PowerPoint 2003.