"The Global Book Report Competition for
Secondary School Students 2011"

Global English Junior Section

Statement of judgment:

Dr. Nicholas Sampson (Lecturer, Department of English, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
Some excellent reviews of Global Junior Section, a few that missed the mark (too much description and summary and not enough commentary and reflection). The best ones really were very good, indeed. For the Global Senior Section, a very clear winner were with an outstanding review of "The Great Gatsby". Otherwise, quality a bit variable and too many "so-so" reviews.

Dr. Sharon Wong Yin Yue (Chief Examiner (Chinese), Translation, Chartered Institute of Linguists, UK)
Most of the entries provide a good summary of the book. Some of them use quotation from the book to make the explanation clearer. Students are in general able to share what they have learnt from the books. Some are able to tell how the books have inspired them, or quote other people's saying to support their thoughts. More emphasis, however, could be put on experience or thoughts sharing than summarizing the stories.

Dr. Sin-wai Chan (Professor, Department of Translation, The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Most of the works reviewed in Global Junior Section are by contemporary writers. The top three reviewers have successfully related what they read to what they experiences in life. The quality of the reviews in Global Senior Section is very high.