Award Winners of
“The 26th Annual Book Report Competition
for Secondary School Students”

English Section

Statement of judgment:

Dr. Nicholas Sampson (Lecturer, Department of English, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
Overall of English Junior Section, a very high standard, fore missed the point of a book review - to comment on and critically analyze the book – but the best ones were really, very good, indeed. For the English Senior Section, the quality was a bit variable, but there were enough of a high – enough standard to form a top 10. Apart, the best ones were significantly better then the average ones.

Dr. Sin-wai Chan (Professor, Department of Translation, The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Participants of English Junior Section have given very incisive comments in their reviews. Their choice of works is highly appropriate. The works reviewed are contemporary and well written. Participants of English Senior Section have a good grasp of the stories and know what can be drawn from the works they reviewed.

Dr. Kowk-kan Tam (Chair Professor and Dean, School of Arts and Social Sciences , The Open University of Hong Kong)
In general of English Junior Section, many entries are able to discover the hidden messages in the books and full of interesting remarks. Many of the reports can also relate the messages to life in Hong Kong. It is so encouraging to read the minds of our young readers who can put themselves in the situations of the characters. This year's reports are of a high standard in English Senior Section. Many entries show a high degree of sophistication in interpretation and are able to shed light on the relation between character, meaning and techniques. The best ones have actually reached a university standard. Same as in the past, some readers wrongly use the past tense for the review of a literary works. This I think should be a point of reminder to all contestants that the "historical past" should not be used in literary critique because literature is "fiction" and it should be distinguished from "history". I would likr to congratulate all the winners.

Dr. Sharon Yin-yue Wong(Chief Examiner (Chinese), Translation, Chartered Institute of Linguists, UK)
For the English Junior Section, the entries are of very high standards. Most of them provide a concise summary of the book, and include an in-depth analysis of the themes or messages that the authors intend to bring out. Some students give self-reflections of what they have learnt, or even relate what they have read to their personal experience. For the English Senior Section, The book reports are a joy to read. Most students are able to present the storyline succinctly and share what they have learnt from the book. Some students are, however, over-generalizing what they hear I see and end up lamenting people's behavior in society, which is a rather sad outcome of reading.