“Macmillan Readers” Section

Statement of judgment:

Dr. Nicholas Sampson (Lecturer, Department of English, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
A couple of good reviews in the Junior section, but a very clear winner in the senior section.

Dr. Sin-wai Chan (Professor, Department of Translation, The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
The recommended winners of both the junior and senior sections performed well in their reports.

Dr. Kowk-kan Tam (Chair Professor and Dean, School of Arts and Social Sciences , The Open University of Hong Kong)
It is pleasure to read the reports which show a variety of approaches to the books. Many of the reports are able to deal with the texts in depth. The best ones are those that can offer critical remarks and personal response. Reading is not simply an objective and passive activity; it is an active process of interpretation. As an adjudicator, I am pleases to see that our young readers are able to perform this task with confidence.

Dr. Sharon Yin-yue Wong(Chief Examiner (Chinese), Translation, Chartered Institute of Linguists, UK)
Overall, very well written book reports with nice short summaries and detailed reflections. The variety of books read, classics and contemporaries, fictions and non-fictions, is impressive. Some students are able to quote lines from the book, which helps to explain their thoughts and insights more clearly. In a few instances, though, grammatical inaccuracies have deterred understanding.