“Strategies for writing a good book report” Workshop Review
Date: 25 February 2011, Saturday
Time: 5:30–6:45 p.m.
Venue: Exhibition Hall, Tsimshatsui Book Centre, The Commercial Press
Speaker: Mr. Pavol Dutko (ELT tutor, EdFun Limited)


"Strategies for writing a good book report" Workshop jointly held by Hong Kong Educational Publishing Co., ATHENS EDUCATION and EdFun Limited concluded successfully on 25 February 2011, which drew over 100 secondary school teachers and students. This workshop aimed to help students prepare for the 26th Annual Book Report Competition for Secondary School Students, organized by The Commercial Press (H.K.) Limited and Hong Kong Educational Publishing Co., as well as enrich their book report writing skills.

During the workshop, Mr. Pavol Dutko, a native English speaker and an experienced ELT tutor from EdFun Limited, talked about the major components of writing a good book report illustrated with previous awarded book report entries. He further explained the four main components — introduction, body, suggestion and conclusion with the examples of Frankenstein and Pride and Prejudice. Besides, he also recommended some useful writing tips for students, for example, using formal language instead of colloquial language, using paragraphs to express different ideas separately and using present tense or past tense in a consistent way. After that, he shared the strategies on choosing a right book for book report writing and indicated that students had to consider six major components including level, genre, summary, synopsis, abstract and excerpt. Finally, he encouraged students to think in different angles and suggested to present own ideas and opinions, for example, a solution to the problems on the book.


Mr. Dutko talked about book report writing skills Participants included students and teachers.

Mr. Dutko demonstrated some useful examples to students Students acted actively during the question and answer session