Overcoming the HKDSE English Language Examination Post-mock HKDSE Examination Seminar: an analysis of the Exam Results Highlight
日 期︰ 17 December 2011, Saturday
時 間︰ 10:00–11:30 a.m.
地 點: Scout Association of Hong Kong
Room 1107, 11/F, Hong Kong Scout Centre, Austin Road, Kowloon
講 者︰ Ms Peggy Wong
The captioned seminar was held successfully by Athens Education on 17 December 2011. An experience teacher and the editor, Ms Peggy Wong and Mr Julian Chan respectively, shared the result findings about the students’ mock exam performance.

In general, students are better at multiple choice questions, especially the new question type of HKDSE like matching questions and MC cloze questions. Most students were able to locate and extract the information when coping with shorter texts. However, the results in Table-filling, the open-ended question of reference questions and vocabulary question were unsatisfactory due to poor reading strategies and vocabulary knowledge.

After the sharing session, most teachers raised questions about the ways to equip students to overcome the HKDSE Examination and strategies for improvement. Particularly how to strengthen the students’ vocabulary knowledge.

Mr Julian Chan explained in detail about the analysis of mock exam Participants were eager to raise questions.

Thanks for sharing by receiving the souvenir. Ms Peggy Wong indicated most students were weaker in vocabulary questions