ELT Workshop — Global English and Tackling Problems with Learning English
Date︰ 22 March 2012, Saturday
Time︰ 4.30 p.m.–6.00 p.m.
Venue: Exhibition Hall, Tsimshatsui Book Centre, The Commercial Press
Speakers︰ Professor Stuart Christie, Mr Clyde Fowle
"ELT Workshop — Global English and Tackling Problems with Learning English" co-organized by The Commercial Press and Macmillan Education was successfully held on 22 March 2012. This workshop aimed to provide useful tips for teachers on how to tackle students’ English learning problems effectively and ideas on how English can be taught as a global language.

Prof. Stuart Christie (English Language and Literature, Baptist University) and Mr. Clyde Fowle (Regional Consultant of Macmillan Education) were invited as our honorable guests. During the workshop, Mr. Fowle talked about the ways we can incorporate content, culture and critical thinking into the English lessons and impact brought by the Global English environment. He suggested teachers should empower students with broadly applicable knowledge, across platforms so as to be a better-fulfilled person. On the other hand, Prof. Christie explained the tactics that used in tackling student’s problems with learning English. He shared his view on what problems students may encounter when learning English and the tactics used to deal with the situations.

Mr Clyde Fowle (left) and Professor Stuart Christie (right) shared with participants about ways to tackle problems with learning English.

The workshop received a overwhelming responses from participants