Summer Adventure in Mathematics (New Syllabus Edition)

T. F. Chan, M. C. Choi, S. W. Chong, C. K. Tam

Summer Adventure in Mathematics (New Syllabus Edition) is a series of summer holiday exercises tailor-made for students from Primary 6 to Secondary 3. The series is written in accordance with the new Mathematics syllabus (implemented progressively with effect from the school year in 2020/21). It consists of 4 books and is available in both Chinese and English versions. It helps students to consolidate the knowledge learnt and prepare for the coming school year.

Key features:

  • Providing e-Example from Youtube channel ‘HKEP Math’ of our company
  • Enhancing learning efficiency through self-learning sections: ‘Ready for S1’ / ’Exam Tutorial’ (end of each unit) and ‘Bridging Task’ (end of the book) introduce materials related to the learning objectives in the coming school year and relevant exam question types, then provide follow-up exercises.
  • A wide variety of question types, closely aligned with the TSA and the DSE: ‘Fill in the Blanks’, ‘True or False’, ‘Matching’, ‘Multiple-choice Questions’, ‘Short Questions’ and ‘Long Questions’ are included. Public exam question types are highlighted by TSA and DSE.

 Summer Adventure in Mathematics Foundation (P.6 – S.1) (New Syllabus Edition)

 Summer Adventure in Mathematics 1 (S.1 – S.2) (New Syllabus Edition)

  Summer Adventure in Mathematics 2 (S.2 – S.3) (New Syllabus Edition)