Train Up Mathematics (New Syllabus Edition)

W. K. Cheng

Train Up Mathematics (New Syllabus Edition) is a series of summer holiday mathematics exercises written for students from Primary 6 to Secondary 3. It has both Chinese and English versions, and it follows the new Mathematics syllabus, which was implemented progressively with effect from the school year in 2020/21. It aims to help students to revise what they have learnt and to prepare them for the next school year.

Key features:

  • Providing e-Example from Youtube channel ‘HKEP Math’ of our company
  • Consolidating basic concepts through answering basic questions and finding mistakes in questions
  • Enhancing students’ ability of solving questions through arranging questions in progressive levels of difficulty.
  • Strengthening the linkage between each year through Knowledge Extension Corner.
  • Providing questions related to TSA and DSE Exam, such as ‘True or False’, ‘Fill in the Blanks’, ‘Multiple-choice Questions’, ‘Long Questions’, and ‘Challenging Questions’, and are highlighted by TSA and DSE respectively. ‘Explain Your Answer Questions’ are indicated by EYA.

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